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Check out our new resume system!

We are pleased to announce the launching of our new resume system. The resume system is part of a major upgrade to which has resulted in changes to a number of areas.

Welcome to our new resume system. You can check out our list of resumes yourself here:

Our resume system allows job seekers an opportunity to promote themselves to employers and recruiters looking for staff. With an online resume, recruiters can find your resume without you having to do anything. By setting your employment requirements you can use your online resume to help find fulltime or parttime work in the countries of your choice while specifying your requested salary.

To see what our new resume system can do for you, please check out our demo resume here:

So, join us now and get your resume out there in preparation for a new job! You can begin starting your resume by creating an account with us. You can do that through this link:

We would also love to hear any feedback from people who have used our new system. Likewise, if you have had any problems, or even experienced a bug :), then please let us know. Your thoughts and comments can be sent to us through our contact page, here:

Thank you for reading, and good luck looking, and finding, your new job at